Link Aprons

Roller with link spron
Link apron with electric drive

Link aprons are a low-priced type of cover, providing excellent service in front line protection against chips and coolant. In many cases, link aprons serve as a protective hanging curtain or run over a guide roller for especially smooth running. They offer good flexibility, are mounted easily and require little space.

FLEXPRO Link aprons
The metal sections are flat or semi-circular aluminium, brass or steel sections. They are bonded and riveted on a very tear resistant synthetic carrier material.

These aprons are made up of anodised hollow aluminium sections joined with a polyurethane strip. On the visual side the glider elements are rounded at the edges (FLEXSTAR-S) or straight (FLEXSTAR-C/CR). FLEXSTAR-S can move freely in both directions, FLEXSTAR-C/CR permits only one-way bending, adopting a stable flat position in the other direction.

FLEXSTAR aprons combined with vision inserts are very popular on the assembly sectors. We offer different types with rigid polycarbonate inserts or flexible see-through foil.

Link aprons are also availabel as a "walk-on"  design. The profile types  ALC14 and ALC15 are especially suitable herefor.

Combination of link aprons with ROLLER system
The link aprons can be combined with a system of roller blinds. The link apron is wound on top of the ROLLER standard system. The ROLLER diameter is considerably increased in its wound-up state.The drive unit is exactly matched to the additional weight and forces. We offer complete guide systems based on travel rails, steel cables or aluminium profiles.

The link aprons can be fastened with hollow aluminium section angles, metal ledges or metal angles at the end of the apron. Customers are free to choose the shape or fixing hole pattern.