Roller systems

Roller with black textile
Roller with black textile
Roller with housing and steel band

ROLLER cover systems are a possible substitute for bellow covers in very narrow spaces when only general sealing is required.

ROLLER blind without housing
this type needs less space, best used with smaller diameters and short

ROLLER blind with housing
We recommend this type for safety reasons when longer extensions are used and especially when steel is used for the band material. They are available in many variants.  

The ROLLER systems come with different drive concepts:
Torsion springs TF - Drive separate to cover band
Steel band drives SA - Cover band forms drive
Steel band spring drive FM - Drive separate to cover band
Electrical drive -  to customers specifications

Operating position
The operating position can be vertical, horizontal or trans-verse, with an extension to the left, right, top or bottom side.

A variety of mounting positions is available. ROLLER covers with housing can be mounted at the standard positions shown in the next column. For mounting roller covers without housing two holder types are available for easy and permanent fixing. Customized holders can be produced for special requirements.

Combination of link aprons with ROLLER system
The link aprons can be combined with a system of roller blinds. The link apron is wound on top of the ROLLER standard system. The ROLLER diameter is considerably increased in its wound-up state.The drive unit is exactly matched to the additional weight and forces. We offer complete guide systems based on travel rails, steel cables or aluminium profiles.